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Before your appointment

  •  Make sure you don’t drink coffee/tea or any caffeine the day of your appointment, this will cause fluttery eyes and make the service difficult to complete.
  • Try to come to your appointment with a clean face and freshly washed lashes.
  • Wear comfy clothes, you will be lying down for a few hours. 


  • Keep the eye area very clean by cleansing with a special lash cleanser and brush 1-2 times a day.
  • Brush through your lashes daily with a spoolie.
  • Make sure to keep the area free of oils and heavy creams/makeup.
  • DO NOT touch your lashes with your fingers or pick/pull at your lashes. This is VERY important. Your lashes will not lash when you mess with them with your fingers.
  • Make sure to book your fills 12-21 days after your appointment. Some clients need fills sooner (12-16 days) and some can wait longer (17-21 days). This will depend on the natural lash shedding cycle and will vary. For your first fill it’s recommended to come sooner than later to make sure you don’t require a full set.